1973 Arctic Cat Puma 440

Yes, another snowmobile to add to the collection.  This time it's a 73 Puma in really nice shape.  This one was bought without an engine and has a 71 Big Mouth style hood instead of the correct 73 style hood.  The seat is also in real good shape with only a couple of small tears.  1973 was the last year for the first generation of Pumas.  The name would not be used for the next 21 years until 1994.

I now have the correct 440 engine for it courtesy of a 73 Panther parts sled I picked up at Haydays but haven't installed it yet.

I've now found the correct engine mounting plate and associated brackets to go with it but have still not installed the engine.  Still no hood for this sled.  I've run across a couple of the correct hoods in a salvage yard but unfortunately they were in very poor condition and were not useable.  My current plan is to try and turn a 72 Cheetah/Puma hood into a 73 if possible since it is easier to find one of these hoods in good salvageable shape.

Model Number: 0250-006
Engine: Kawasaki T1B440S1A fan cooled engine
Spark Plug: NGK BR9ES
Drive Belt: Dayco 1084
Carburetor: Walbro WDA-31
Fuel/Oil Mixture: 20:1

The engine and my 73 Panther parts donor sled.  The engine and ski spindles will be used on the Puma and the ski's will be used to replace the ones currently on the Cheetah.  As far as the rest of the sled, I haven't decided what to do with it yet.  There is a new Vintage Sled racing circuit starting up this year here in Minnesota so I may turn it into a racing sled.

And now for some shots of the Puma as bought with the 71 style hood on it...

And a shot in storage with the hood removed.  In the background is my 72 440 Puma.

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