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Kawasaki got into the snowmobile business in 1977 after buying out Sno Jet and produced sleds from 1977 to 1982.  Along with this, they also supplied engines for John Deere from 1979 to 1982.  Wonder what the 1983 models would have been like if they had been produced? Here's a little info on what would have been for 1983 courtesy of former Kawasaki dealer Jay "Rude Dog" Carsley:

Interceptor: Would have had slide rail lubricators & minor decal changes but still would have been black.
LTD: would have returned in an updated version and was to be called the Invader GT.
Drifter 340 & 440: were to return mechanically unchanged and the color was to be a deep red.

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A Kawasaki Sno Pro Sled? Yup, you read right.  Kawasaki fielded a Sno Pro team for one year only in 1977.  Check it out on the web site.

(All photos courtesy of Jay "Rude Dog" Carsley)

Promotional article for the 1980 Kawasaki Tournament of Champions Race from the Kawasaki Good Times dealer magazine.

Oct 1982 Snow Goer article on the 1983 Interceptor

On the left is the 83 Interceptor prototype with Bobby Donahue driving

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